Short teaser video on Global IP Exchange Roaming service from BT

This is a test rendering detailing the Global IP Exchange Roaming service from BT (short teaser).

The globe rendering is a separate rendered movie projected to the plane of the iPhone screen. The iphone still needs some details before I will provide it via blendswap.

Music adapted from (royalty free for adaption and use under creative commons licence).

Please note that this is a pretty low resolution render also lacking a more sophisticated light set up for putting highlights on the phone body (as the true material for the iPhone 5 is rough dark metallic, only the front glass side gets lots of reflections, but those are dampened by the bright white screen images. So some way to go. Updates to follow.

P.S.: for the project I actually created two models in Blender – one for the transparent circling earth (copying the look from ZDF heute journal) – I will upload a result on that later. Also, I did a new more precise model of the iPhone 5 (the test render does not show its true quality yet due to the sampling and resolution and limited lighting set up). As soon as I added the front speaker and some texture details for the sim chip etc., I will try upload to

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Animated Christmas & happy New Year ecard (video)

This is an animated Christmas and Happy New Year Card which I created for the company BT I work for.

The production was done in Blender with the following exceptions: The animated logo at the end is from company stock (I am not sure which software was used for this) and I used Magix Video Pro X4 for the combining of the takes and for adding music, sound exporting and remixing/take blending and for the text overlays. You can do that in Blender, but some finishing for animations in a professional vidprog is a lot more comfortable. But no aftereffects were added, all compositing etc. was done completely in Blender.

I used the following trainings and tutorials: An advanced particle turorial from was used for the particle trail. I found this as I had already modelled the BT Tower (London city landmark item and I initially had the idea to have some nice lighting animation as we did for the L2012 Olympics) and they had a tut that had the Berlin tower in and I thought this is exactly what I want to mirror (copy?), so complete credit for this idea is to them. The trail is a quite simple particle system, but the materials and lighting uses the particle info node to change the material mix from glossy/emitting to fading/emitting. I only had to change some of the settings and rearrange for render layer masking to enable a separate compositing of the trail afterwards and had to set up a more complex dynamic DOF to keep the Santa in focus.

They also had a very nice fireworks tutorial using the VDE which I relied on. So make sure you check their tutorials and site out. They have it in two languages, so also in English. The fireworks are done in Blender internal with particle systems and halo materials.

My wife then requested that the scene had to have a Santa Claus in it and I took some modelling guidance from AgenzasBrothers tutorials for that (and strict additional directions from my wife). So the idea was born to actually have the particle trail as the exhaust pipe of the Santa vehicle – which gave the animation a completely new look.

I fronted it all with a landmark animation , the BT tower model is my doing and all I had to do is put it together.

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Waving Flag render test movie (Blender, 3D art, CGI, Cycles)

For the purpose of animating intros and takes for business short films but also for blog graphic use, I wanted to animate a flag. The underlying Blender project file allows to use different flags (this uses Turkey as an example, as I used it for an image on a blog). Also, with a material node setup of multiple textures, the flag could be exchanged during animation.

The background (credits/copyright to falconi on skyscraper forum) is a simple image added within the compositing with an alpha-over node, as the flag is animated with transparent background. I tried to add a slight blur behind the flag to ensure it does not look artificial on top of the background. Overall, the test needs more compositing.

If you would like a tutorial on how to build things like this, let me know. Also, make sure to check out the inspiration tut I used to create this from gr8effect on youtube (look for his channel and the cloth tutorial).

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Pulse light test render (Blender 3D CGI) with Cycles

This is a small test project I made to test how I could simulate a pulse light through a tube. I used Blender (2.64) and Cycles and basically created a glass tube with an emitting sphere inside with some composited glow effect (with blur nodes), but not too much as the render already gyve significant glow through the glass. The resolution and samples are low, so the quality could be increased significantly with more samples (and possibly calculating it without caustics). As this is a test only, I did not put too much effort into the lighting of the scene.

Pulse light test image

Blender 3D generated image for pulsing light (test)

I generated a small test movie hosted on vimeo for review.

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Cisco IP Phone 3D render (very basic ;-)

For the same work project I required the iPhone render for, I also needed an IP Phone and choose to very quickly model a basic Cisco IP phone I could put a customised screen on (detailing High Definition Voice calls). This model is basically a front view model and it misses some details, such as button prints (numbers, etc.) as well as the cord (maybe first version with a bluetooth receiver? ;-)).

This was again rendered with Cycles for more realisting light and I choose very simple diffuse materials (with some glossy for the buttons mixed in). In the original, the screen part top surface is also more glossy. If you like to have the blender file, please let me know in the comments.

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iPhone 3D render (test) with Cycles

For a work project I rendered an iPhone in blender and used the new Cycles render engine to give it light. You will see that this is still a test render, as certain elements of the phone are missing (e.g. some buttons, the sim slot, etc.) and I also used a subdivision surface modifyer for the metal frame – and as it seems I did not use enough loopcuts around the bending edges, the frame bulges on the top. I might completely redo this and use precision modelling instead (or the new bevel function in B-Mesh in Blender (in the current 2.6.2 beta build)) to get a far better result.

The backside is modelled as well (but w/o logo) with Camera and light. You can download the blender file (will add link asap) to play around if you like.

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3D render Earth Animation with Blender

I created  a first 3D earth animation video I created after a tutorial from (make sure to check Andrew’s tutorials out, they are really great). I animated the cloud sphere so that it rotates just a tiny fraction faster than then earth sphere, thus creating the impression that the wheather moves on the circling earth west bound, adding another tweak of real 3D.

3D render Earth Animation with Blender from Stephan Deutsch on Vimeo.

The earth circles 320 degrees in 20 seconds at 25fps. This is pretty fast and if you create your own after Andrew’s tutorial, you might consider this to be slower, depending on what you need. Alternatively you can download the Blender-File from here and have a go without modelling. You might want to check the specular effect on the earth sphere, I recently learned that this is not really realistic, but it adds a lot of effect, hence I left it in.

Vimeo provides you with the 720p video file as mp4 (if you have difficulties downloading it for your own use, try using Downloadhelper as a Firefox add in, e.g.).

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