Notebook (inspired by Samsung S9 series)

My last finished project was to create another key asset for business video – a notebook you could use (rigged with constraints for animating the opening and folding) – with advanced materials, details and textures. After some initial issues with the topology – the samsung s9 uses special forms and material combinations to give the notebook a slick look, I also created a keyboard with texture (and a material you could use to simulate keyboard back lighting).

s9notebook_datastreamFullHDI already used it to illustrate big data and cloud as a topic (with a bitstream coming out of the screen of the device). This uses some chromatic aberration to give it a more realistic look.

s9firstresult_001kThis scene uses only one light (and the backplane for presentation is partly reflective to add ambient lighting in a natural feeling – rather than using 3-point lighting set up and AO from the render). Obviously the materials react strongly to differences in light (as they are metallic); moving light across the device should give a really nice effect. Part of this is achieved through a layer weight input node in the material changing it with a facing value. The same approach is used for the LEDs. The lower image was done without any compositing for glow and/or blur.

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