Short teaser video on Global IP Exchange Roaming service from BT

This is a test rendering detailing the Global IP Exchange Roaming service from BT (short teaser).

The globe rendering is a separate rendered movie projected to the plane of the iPhone screen. The iphone still needs some details before I will provide it via blendswap.

Music adapted from (royalty free for adaption and use under creative commons licence).

Please note that this is a pretty low resolution render also lacking a more sophisticated light set up for putting highlights on the phone body (as the true material for the iPhone 5 is rough dark metallic, only the front glass side gets lots of reflections, but those are dampened by the bright white screen images. So some way to go. Updates to follow.

P.S.: for the project I actually created two models in Blender – one for the transparent circling earth (copying the look from ZDF heute journal) – I will upload a result on that later. Also, I did a new more precise model of the iPhone 5 (the test render does not show its true quality yet due to the sampling and resolution and limited lighting set up). As soon as I added the front speaker and some texture details for the sim chip etc., I will try upload to

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