iPhone 3D render (test) with Cycles

For a work project I rendered an iPhone in blender and used the new Cycles render engine to give it light. You will see that this is still a test render, as certain elements of the phone are missing (e.g. some buttons, the sim slot, etc.) and I also used a subdivision surface modifyer for the metal frame – and as it seems I did not use enough loopcuts around the bending edges, the frame bulges on the top. I might completely redo this and use precision modelling instead (or the new bevel function in B-Mesh in Blender (in the current 2.6.2 beta build)) to get a far better result.

The backside is modelled as well (but w/o logo) with Camera and light. You can download the blender file (will add link asap) to play around if you like.

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