3D render Earth Animation with Blender

I created  a first 3D earth animation video I created after a tutorial from blenderguru.com (make sure to check Andrew’s tutorials out, they are really great). I animated the cloud sphere so that it rotates just a tiny fraction faster than then earth sphere, thus creating the impression that the wheather moves on the circling earth west bound, adding another tweak of real 3D.

3D render Earth Animation with Blender from Stephan Deutsch on Vimeo.

The earth circles 320 degrees in 20 seconds at 25fps. This is pretty fast and if you create your own after Andrew’s tutorial, you might consider this to be slower, depending on what you need. Alternatively you can download the Blender-File from here and have a go without modelling. You might want to check the specular effect on the earth sphere, I recently learned that this is not really realistic, but it adds a lot of effect, hence I left it in.

Vimeo provides you with the 720p video file as mp4 (if you have difficulties downloading it for your own use, try using Downloadhelper as a Firefox add in, e.g.).

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